Little Pink Door Boutique is a mix of stylish women’s clothing, accessories, and jewelry, combined in a unique retail experience.  Our Vision is to be a leading go-to-boutique destination for women in Vancouver by providing the perfect blend of product, customer focused experience and an in-store environment that fosters friendship, trust and loyalty.
The moment you walk into Little Pink Door Boutique, you are transformed into a place of beauty, connection and comfort.  Whether you are looking for a special outfit to wear for an event, a necklace to brighten up your day or simply to connect, explore and feel cared for, Little Pink Door is your go-to boutique!
The passion and dream behind Little Pink Door started years ago and comes from the Founder and Owner, Colette Bennett.  With over 25 years of marketing and business related experience, she finally made the leap from the corporate world to make the LPD dream come true!  The result is a boutique destination experience that will transform you into a place of beauty, connection and comfort, – a woman’s true third place!

Our Core Values:

Delightfully Surprising – We like to surprise and make women smile.  We look for unexpected ways to delight.  We believe thoughtful little touches add up to big differences.

Cultivating Beauty - Beauty isn't about how someone looks from the outside; beauty exists at every level and is an intrinsic part of a woman’s well-being & self-confidence.  We aspire to make every woman feel beautiful and cared for.

Genuinely Honest – Being open and honest with our customers and each other builds loyalty, trust and friendship.

Community Minded – We're an active part of our community.  We partner with local organizations and causes that are meaningful to our community and our customers.

Have Fun, Find Joy & Be You – We show up, we are present & we have fun every day. Together we create meaningful experiences for every customer who comes through our doors.